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Uplay+ Ubisoft’s version of Game Pass?

uPlay Plus Games Library

Uplay are offering it’s users Uplay+, a new service similar to Microsoft’s Game Pass service.

We’ve taken a look at it and the games on offer, testing both the games available and the service itself.

Whilst Ubisoft have some absolutely cracking games, personally I’m not a fan of subscription services that only offer games from a single publisher.

However, the subscription does include some great titles such as:

  • Anno 1800
  • The Farcry series
  • The Assassins creed series
  • Beyond good and evil
  • The crew
  • The settlers series
  • And much more

Personally I was excited to play the original Settlers game again, perhaps just for the sheer nostalgia of it.

Uplay +

But is it worth paying £12.99 (Aprox $16.20) per month for?

In my opinion yes and no, I will personally be keeping my account for a couple of months, completing the couple of games that do interest me, then cancelling my subscription.

As long as I don’t take too long per game, which I’m sure I wont, then I’ve saved money on not buying the titles.

In fact, during my free trial I have already completed Anno 1800, meaning I’ve saved £49 ($62) in just a couple of weeks.

The other thing I couldn’t help but notice was the low average retail price of most of the games included.

Apart from a couple of newer AAA games, many of them could be bought for less than £5 and have clearly been used to make the library seem more impressive.

uPlay Plus Games Library

A tactic that I have also noticed Microsoft use with their Game Pass, adding games no one actually wants to play, for the sake of a large seemingly more impressive game library.

uplay games

Ubisoft have a mixed success rate with their games in my opinion, they are able to make great games, such as Farcry 5 just to utterly ruin them with a poor sequel such as Farcry: New dawn.

The success of this subscription service really does fall down to their own ability to start being more consistent with their games quality and their ability to keep adding worthwhile games to the library, or this simply will just fall as quick as it appeared.

Uplay farcry

If you want to try out Uplay + you can do it from the Ubisoft website here.

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