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Planet Zoo Which Animals Can Guests Enter Habitat

Planet Zoo guests enter habitat

In Planet Zoo, you can actually let your guests enter habitats. You do this by creating a guest entrance gate, allowing them to meet your Planet Zoo’s animals face to face.

Planet Zoo guests habitat:

Although this is incredibly exciting for everyone, it’s REALLY important to understand in Planet Zoo which animals can guests enter their habitat. Imagine letting your guests loose in a Grizzly Bear den!

Below you’ll find a list of which animals can guests enter habitat. This list covers all of the Planet Zoo animals in their entirety, including animals which belong in exhibits.

Whilst I hope that guests won’t attempt to climb in with a Yellow Anaconda, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s the complete list of Planet Zoo animals:

 Animal NameCan Guest Enter Habitat
African BuffaloNo
African ElephantNo
African Wild DogNo
Aldabra Giant TortoiseYes
Amazonian Giant CentipedeNo
American BisonNo
Bactrian CamelNo
Baird's TapirNo
Bengal TigerNo
Black WildebeestNo
Boa ConstrictorNo
Bongo No
Bonobo No
Bornean OrangutanNo
Brazilian Salmon Pink TarantulaNo
Brazilian Wandering SpiderNo
Cheetah No
Chinese PangolinYes
Common Death AdderNo
Common OstrichNo
Common WarthogNo
Eastern Brown SnakeNo
Formosan Black BearNo
Galapagos Giant TortoiseYes
Gemsbok No
Gharial No
Giant Burrowing CockroachNo
Giant Desert Hairy ScorpionNo
Giant Forest ScorpionNo
Giant PandaNo
Giant Tiger Land SnailNo
Gila MonsterNo
Golden Poison FrogNo
Goliath BeetleNo
Goliath BirdeaterNo
Goliath FrogNo
Greater FlamingoYes
Green IguanaNo
Grizzly BearNo
Himalayan Brown BearNo
Indian ElephantNo
Indian PeafowlYes
Indian RhinocerosNo
Japanese MacaqueYes
Komodo DragonNo
Lehmann's Poison FrogNo
Lesser Antillean IguanaNo
Mandrill No
Mexican Red Knee TarantulaNo
Nile MonitorNo
Nyala No
Okapi Yes
Plains ZebraNo
Pronghorn AntelopeYes
Puff AdderNo
Pygmy HippoNo
Red PandaNo
Red Ruffed LemurYes
Reticulated GiraffeNo
Ring Tailed LemurYes
Sable AntelopeNo
Saltwater CrocodileNo
Siberian TigerNo
Snow LeopardNo
Spotted HyenaNo
Springbok Yes
Thomson's GazelleYes
Timber WolfNo
Titan BeetleNo
West African LionNo
Western ChimpanzeeNo
Western Diamondback RattlesnakeNo
Western Lowland GorillaNo
Yellow AnacondaNo

Planet Zoo Updates:

As Planet Zoo receives regular updates, it’s very likely this list will grow as more animals are added.

Following the pattern with Planet Coaster and also Jurassic World Evolution it’s very likely that we will also see more DLC added to the game, which will hopefully bring in more animals, as well as more animal enclosures, habitat items, guest facilities and likely much more.

We always endeavor to update our articles to make sure that they always contain the most up to date information as possible, however, should we miss an update and this list change, please do feel free to let us know via the comments below, or by using our contact page to send us an email, we love hearing from our readers.

If you’re struggling with Planet Zoo, have no fear! We’ve provided you with a complete guide with tips and tricks to making the best zoo.

Don’t forget to build up your Planet Zoo Conservation Credits too. These are needed to buy animals and expand upon your Zoo’s Franchise.

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