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Planet Zoo How To Make Money And Not Go Into Debt

When you start a new Franchise zoo in Planet Zoo Beta, you’ll have $40,000 to play with. Whilst this sounds like a lot of money, it soon goes and risks plummeting you into debt.

For example, staff buildings can cost $4,000 alone. Planet Zoo isn’t just about providing animals for guests to awe at. You have to manage your zoo, including it’s finances, guest happiness, and animal welfare.

I thought it was time to start discussing just some of the ways you can make money in your own Planet Zoo. Here are some tips and tricks collated from the Planet Zoo Beta community. Let us know if you have any more we can add!

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Saving Money In Planet Zoo

Before you get ahead of yourself in Planet Zoo, don’t! You NEED to go slow at the beginning. Ensure you have one enclosure to start with and the basic necessities. Don’t try and expand your zoo unless you have a comfortable cushion to fall back on (around $5,000 – $10,000).

You’ll want to keep an eye on your big outgoings. These mainly consist of:

  • Vets
  • Keepers
  • Power

You must maintain your generators. If they don’t stay in good working order, they’ll cost MORE money to run. Regarding your staff, you’ll ideally want one staff zone to service several enclosures.

If you can, place your keeper hut, vets and enclosures all in the same work group. This ensures you can maintain efficiency and also means you need less staff to operate multiple enclosures.

If you want to keep saving money, I suggest NOT hiring any more keepers or vets until your existing staff are finding it too much. Generally speaking, you could get away with one keeper per 2-3 enclosures.

Of course, this may change upon full release as vets aren’t having to battle with sickness in the Planet Zoo Beta.

Maintaining Your Zoo And Profits In Planet Zoo

Whilst there have been many bugs and issues during the Planet Zoo Beta, you may find the game is slightly more intuitive than originally thought. Upon full release, I have a feeling the game is going to be even HARDER.

I’ve collated some tips and tricks regarding how to maintain your zoo, and keep those profits rising. Remember, you’re managing a zoo, not just building it.

  • Security & Caretakers: If you’re trying to increase your profits, it’s worth setting both of these staff to patrol heavy-traffic areas. When vandalism and rubbish occurs, guests become extremely unhappy.
  • Educational Speakers: When you place down educational speakers (which the guests love) you’ll notice a heatmap. You’ll want to place speakers down in blue areas rather than red. If your speakers overlap, guests happiness will drop very quickly.
  • Solar Panels: You can place these all around your zoo. Guests don’t object to seeing them like they do with staff buildings. Also as an added bonus, they don’t cost any maintenance.
  • Water Purifiers: These keep lakes and areas of water clean. This will remove the “cleanliness from last water source” debuff that you may have seen.
  • Guest Facilities: Don’t build any drink shops until you have at least 300+ guests. Food shops should be around 500+ guests, balloon stores 800+, and information stands at 1000+ guests.
  • Water Requirements: Some animals like the Nile Monitor require a water source. The requirements are by square meter (quantity, not surface area). This means you can save money and space by building down into the ground. As long as there is a slope for them to get out, it doesn’t matter how deep the pool is.
  • Enrichment Toys: Whilst these are designed for the animals, they’re also designed for guests too. If you place enrichment toys and feeders close to the glass, your animals will move closer to the guests. This means guests will be happier and make bigger donations.

Planet Zoo Beta

As I’m sure you can tell by now, the Planet Zoo Beta is well underway. Planet Zoo is due to release on November 5th 2019. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be doing a full review of the Beta in the next coming days.

To be honest, we’ve been so engrossed in playing the game, we’ve not had time to write a review yet! Whilst there are lots of issues with it, Frontier do seem to be acknowledging these and making fixes ASAP.

Do you have other ways with Planet Zoo to make money? Let us know in the comments.

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