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Fortnite Star Wars Event: When, where and how to watch it

The Fortnite Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker event will be screening live from Risky Reels. The Star Wars event will take place on December 14 2019. Epic Games...

Planet Coaster console release 2020

Planet Coaster console release is finally coming in 2020. Frontier, the king of theme park games is finally bringing their popular coaster game to players big s...

Return to Jurassic park

Return To Jurassic Park DLC

Frontier’s latest DLC Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park will be released on 10 December. Return to Jurassic Park is inspired by the 1993 J...

Planet Zoo: The best Steam workshop designs 2019

It’s been almost a month since the Planet Zoo release date now and we are already seeing some absolutely amazing Steam Workshop items being created by the...


New Legendary Pokemon: Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s new legendary Pokemon will be arriving tomorrow on November 27th 2019. Following the end of Pokemon Go’s Supereffective week, Niantic h...

Star Wars Jedi double Lightsaber

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: How to get the double bladed Lightsaber

The only thing cooler than a lightsaber is a duel lightsaber, so we wanted to show you how to get the the Jedi Fallen Order double bladed lightsaber. Not too lo...

Planet Zoo

12 Planet Zoo Tips And Tricks To Make The Best Zoo

Planet Zoo tips: If you haven’t yet experienced Planet Zoo, it’s time to get involved. The Planet Zoo release is here! This game is a wonderful way ...

Black Friday Games

Black Friday Game Deals: The best places to buy

BLACK FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29TH 2019 With Black Friday just around the corner we can expect to start seeing some awesome Black Friday game deals coming in. Although ...

Planet Zoo Which Animals Can Guests Enter Habitat

In Planet Zoo, you can actually let your guests enter habitats. You do this by creating a guest entrance gate, allowing them to meet your Planet Zoo’s ani...

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