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Black Friday Game Deals: The best places to buy


With Black Friday just around the corner we can expect to start seeing some awesome Black Friday game deals coming in.

Although some Black Friday deals don’t actually start until Black Friday, most appear around 1 week before.

Black Friday’s official date is the 29th of November (29.11.2019). However, that hasn’t stopped many online retailers taking advantage of the seasonal discounts and jumping on the bandwagon earlier in the past.

Cyber monday deals
Source: Finder.com – Average Spend by Gender

If we take a look at Black Friday statistics as a whole, Brits alone plan to spend £220 each on Black Friday 2019. This also includes Cyber Monday, making the percentage of Brits taking part up to 62% this year.

Although people aren’t spending as much as historical data has shown, the total spend is due to go up. This is estimated to rise from £4.5 billion to £7 billion.

Where to find the best Black Friday game deals:

If you have partaken in the Black Friday madness before, you will know that game deals vary quite a lot.

There have been many occasions where I’ve thought “that’s not actually a discount”, and others that have been an absolute steal.

Because of this, we’ve been digging around historical data to help predict where you should be looking for the best Black Friday cheap games.

This will hopefully save you a lot of time and effort, allowing your to enjoy Black Friday and spend all of your hard earned cash!

Game.co.uk (U.K.)

game black friday deals

Historically, Game has presented it’s customers with a mixed bag of Black Friday deals.

Last year in 2018, I personally made the effort to visit one of their stores and was extremely disappointed. There wasn’t a good deal in sight, making my trip a wasted one.

However, when I looked online on their website, the deals were some of the best around! There wasn’t just games either; their Black Friday deals included PC peripherals like Corsair Mechanical keyboards and more.

For those looking outside of the U.K., they do also provide international shipping, so it’s worth having a browse for some Game Black Friday deals!

PlayStation Store (Worldwide)

playstation store black friday 2019

Sony’s PlayStation store has started advertising Black Friday deals already. The Official PlayStation Store has some great gaming discounts, including Battlefield 1 for only £6.49!

Other great Black Friday gaming deals include:

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – £3.99 (Save 84%)
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition – £51.99 (Save 35%)
  • Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition – £11.69 (Save 35%)
  • One Piece Burning Blood – £6.49 (Save 87%)

Microsoft Store (Worldwide)

microsoft store black friday 2019

Although Microsoft have announced they’re not starting their Black Friday deals until November 22nd 2019, they do have some good offers. I’m really hoping we’re going to see some game deals on the Game Pass too.

Whether you’re buying for a gamer, a student or a professional, our Black Friday deals put the latest technology within reach – and within your budget. And although our special offers change every year, you’ll always find incredible savings on the gifts topping everyone’s list.

Microsoft Store

If you’re planning on visiting the Microsoft store on Black Friday (or even before), you’ll be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Free Delivery: Regardless of your spending limit, Microsoft are offering free delivery on all of their items.
  • Free Returns: Items that are purchased between November 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019 can be returned for free up until January 31st 2020
  • Click and Collect: For those living in the U.K., if you simply can’t wait for your item to be delivered, you can click and collect from their London store.

Argos (U.K.)

gaming deals 2019

Argos have always been well known for offering up large discounts when it comes to Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for a new PC gaming monitor or flat screen TV for your Xbox, there’s going to be a price drop.

I’d seriously recommend signing up to their mailing list so you can find out about their latest Black Friday deals. Alternatively, if you think you’re going to be spending big, their Argos card may make things a little easier before Christmas.

At the moment, Argos are running their Crazy Code deals throughout the whole of November. You’ll get big discounts off certain items, e.g. specific toys and brands. I bagged myself 2 for £15 PLUS 20% off toys last week!

Amazon (Worldwide)

amazon black friday 2019

Amazon is a big hit when it comes to Black Friday. I expect 2019 to be no different with Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll be looking out for awesome deals on laptops, toys, books, fragrances and TVs.

In 2018, Cyber Monday was actually Amazon’s biggest shopping day. According to Amazon, it was the largest they have EVER had in their entire history!

Last year we saw great Black Friday deals. I’m predicting huge discounts on the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot (£34.99), Paperwhite Kindle (£119), and Apple AirPods (£129) this year.

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